Sunday, 24 November 2013

How women are represeneted in music videos.
Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day'n'Nite
In this video we can see the perspective of Kid Cudi working behind the till. His interpritation of all the women are very different to what they actually are. As a police offficer walks in he stops acting stupid but when he realises its a women he sees different. He imagines her with a lycra bra on dancing instead of in a fll police uniform. Also the normal cleaners or workers start of in their white outfits but he see's them as their buttons all un done and with their bras showing and extreme cleavage. Later in the video 2 women walk into the shop wearing dresses. He inteprits them as just wearing bras and knickers instead of a dress.From all of this we can see that he see's women in a different way to what they actually are. He see's them as wearing nothing and he is imaging what is beeing shown on the internet and elsewhere. By images ofwomen in this way being shown many men will imagine women in thi way.
Nicki Minaj - Stupid hoe
In this video the women are very sexually premiscuous. We see Nicki wearing high heels which show and short dresses. Many men like to see girls in these outfits so they are playing into their hands by wearing these outfits. Also we see Nicki dresses as a jaguar and the camera starts as a jaguar and then it fades into close up of nicki wearing a jaguar outfit. From this we can discover that women might be seen as animals to play with. Also while all of this is happening she is inside a big cage, this could mean many things. It could mean that she is inside a house and thats where women should stay and just cook and do house chores while men go out. Or it could mean that she is in a mans hand, this means that he can just go and get her when he wants. When he wants to do stuff with her he can just go and let her out and 'play with her.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Representation '2'
Nowadays many hip hop artists will include certain women in their videos to attract men to watch it and for the male audience to enjoy the video more. Not only will they make sure they certainly have the right girl but they will need to ensure she can dance in the right sexual way and have certain assets like big ‘booty’ or large boobs.
‘In many rap videos women have no identity except as sexual playthings and "eye candy”’.-
 I definitely agree with this statement because many rap videos will express the fact that the women are all there for the rapper. The women are usually always flocking one man who is splashing his money or drinking expensive alcohol. Such as in Wiz Khalifa’s video ‘On my level’ he sits in a chair while drinking and smoking with women flocking him. The women are used to make the rapper look bigger and better as they make him seem like their god. Many videos will show the rappers having sex or kissing lots of different video girls. This is proven in 50 Cents video ‘Candy Shop’ where he is sexually touching and kissing a variety of different video girls. Usually though the women are just there for eye candy that will attract male attention, this is to make male or female viewers enjoy it better as they have good looking girls dancing on their screen.
‘These images do provide pleasures to some viewers. But the concern is that men may internalise the notion that women are nothing more than sexual objects waiting to be used’-
. I believe some of this statement is true as a fair amount of men will agree and see women as nothing more than sexual objects. A majority of viewers will only be watching it for the women whereas some for just the music. Watching many influencing rap videos such as Asap Rocky’s video ‘Goldie’ which is explicit and has nude scenes will definitely influence an older generation but more so a younger generation to view girls as sexual objects. ‘Waiting to be used’ is a good way to put it as many young boys watching will be ‘wanting to use’ these video girls which are purposefully trying to attract boys to the video by acting in a sexual manor.
‘These sorts of images are not unique to hip hop. Objectified female bodies are everywhere. They appear throughout our culture in films, advertisements, television programmes etc. However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available.’-
Personally I think that hip hop videos have started this ‘trend’ of by attracting publicity to their videos by adding lots of video girls acting sexually. Then movies programmers etc. have realised this and started to make women act sexually and have BIG impacts on younger girls of this generation. What these girls are seeing on their computer screens and TV’s is making them act and dress in a way that is making them grow up a lot faster, and the clothe they wear make them look a lot more mature but liable to have comments and attention from men a lot older than them. I disagree with the last part of this statement though, ‘However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available’ to make that statement correct I would add that in Hip hop or many genres of music videos this is the only vision of women we see. That statement refers to all kinds of music videos such as classical which is very unlikely to have women in bikinis dancing on tables in it.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Pink-Justin Bieber Presentation

1) We added lots of detail into each of the questions we answered.
2) Our layout was clear so that it could be easily read by the audience.
3) We presented it well and it was clear how we each spoke in turn.

1) We made it into a video and added sound such as the 2 songs.
2) We had the video playing in the corner of the pay while the presentation was being played.
3) It was more interactive so that the audience could join in.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rap Representation
Personally I agree with the three statements as many famous rappers are all the same and videos all have lots of similarity. In many videos you see them flashing money and dancing with half naked women, one statement expresses that a real man will have control over lots of women and you will always dominate them. Rappers and hip hop artists such as Jay Z and 50 Cent use these stereotypes in their videos, 50 Cent’s video ‘Candy Shop’ shows him being flocked by many women who are worshipping him, also he is the only male in the whole video and this shows he is dominant.
Throughout many hip hop videos you will see hip hop artists wearing expensive clothes and with accessories such as chains and watches. This is a show of wealth and that they have lots of money which is stated in the statement. In 50 cents ‘Candy Shop’ it shows him sitting on the bonnet of an expensive fast, red car wearing a big chain this makes 50 cent look very rich and highly powerful which will attract girls to him. It then zooms into his trainers, they say G Unit on and that’s the name of his group, by wearing these it shows he has lots of money to create his own brand of shoes and that he is powerful.  Jay Z’s ‘Pimpin It’ starts with a huge yacht sailing across the ocean this shows he has plenty of money, it then shows Jay Z on the yacht with plenty of women scattered around the whole boat. Jay Z is sitting down smoking a big Cuban cigar, when I see somebody smoking a Cuban cigar I assume they have lots of money and people look up to them as being powerful. More recently hip hop videos have the artist wasting expensive alcohol around and this is also done in Pimping It this shows they have money to waste.
Many of the lyrics refer to other meaning such as in Candy Shop he calls it a candy shop but in reality the ‘candy’ are the women. He later says he is ‘the love doctor’ this shows he is dominant over the women and they all come to see him with their problems and he can sort them out.
So personally I agree with these statements as this is what I see hip hop as. But at the end of 50 Cent’s ‘Candy Shop’ he wakes up sitting in his car in a drive through collecting his takeaway, he was daydreaming which shows he doesn’t actually have the life that is portrayed in the video. So even though you and I may believe all hip hop artists are the same but in reality they aren’t and that videos over exaggerate what a hip hop stars life is like.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Photoshop skills
1) How to insert an image- Click on the FILE menu.Then select OPEN . It will display a dialogue box in that click BROWSE to search for u r image .After selecting it click OK .thae selected image will be added to your PHOTOSHOP continue opening many files.
Select the Eraser tool
Set the background color you want to apply if you are erasing in the background or a layer with locked transparency.
In the options bar, choose a Mode setting. Brush and Pencil set the eraser to act like those tools. Block is a hard-edged, fixed-sized square with no options for changing the opacity or flow.
For Brush and Pencil modes, choose a brush preset, and set Opacity and Flow in the options bar
An opacity of 100% erases pixels completely. A lower opacity erases pixels partially. See Paint tool options.
To erase to a saved state or snapshot of the image, click the left column of the state or snapshot in the History panel, and then select Erase To History in the options bar.
Drag through the area you want to erase.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Analysis of Album Covers x10


Number of the BeastIron Maiden-
Number of the beast Denotation- a bright colorful piece of graffiti that is red, blue, yellow and white with a devil and another creature with flames at the bottom up them. The style of writing is very masculine. This looks like an evil image relating to hell.
Connotation-it looks as though the devil is luring the creature into hell so it becomes a devil creature.

Born in the USABruce Springsteen- Born in the USA-
Denotation-The behind of a man with a white top on and blue jeans with a red cap in his right back pocket. It also has red and white stripes in the background.
Connotation-It looks as though he has just finished a day of work as a rock and roll musician or a mechanic. As he says he's born in the USA in his title then the USA flag in the background could be relating to him being very patriotic or just loving his country.

Is This It
The Strokes-Is this it-
Denotation- A white skinned lady's hand in a black glove on her bum, it has a pure white background with black and red writing in the corner.
Connotation- It could mean that she is saying to her husband or boyfriend 'is this it that you want' It could also link to the name of the artist 'The Strokes' as the woman is stroking her bum. Or it could mean is this it? As in is this what life has come to.

Queen II
Queen-Queen II
Denotation-4 A dark black background with 4 men with their heads back and the front persons arms are crossed with a light shining on their faces. The albums name is in the top left hand corner with a black centre but a white outline. Connotation-It could be them going up to heaven, and heavens light is shining on their faces.

Unknown PleasuresJoy Division-Unknown pleasures-
Denotation-It is a black background with white lie detector waves going up and down constantly.
Connotation- It could be that she is taking a lie detector as her 'unknown pleasures' could be her cheating on her husband or boyfriend. 

Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here.
Denotation- It is two idetical men standing in an industrial estate with big white factories but one has bright orange fire coming out of his back.
Connotation-They could be twins and one could have died in a fire and the other twin wishes he was here.

Who's NextThe Who-Who's Next-
Denotation-4 men standing on a mountain with dark grey rocks and white clouds hovering over them and nothing around apart from a white cuboid.
Connotation- Maybe they have been abandoned there by somebody who doesn't like them and they are wondering whos next to be abandoned or who the next person they see will be, as they're such an open unknown place that nobody passes through there.

Nite VisionsSoulwax-Nite visions.
Denotation- Red and white diagonal lines with the album name and artist name in red in the bottom left. The colour of the writing is feminine but the style is bold and masculine.
Connotation- You can only read Soulwax Nite Visions in the dark so it is like it is hiding so you would need night vision glasses to see it.

Parallel LinesBlondie-Parallel lines-
Denotation-Black and white parallel lines in the background with 5 men in black and white suits and 1 woman in a white dress in the middle. Across the top it has Blondie written across with parallel lines between the B and E letters. The colour and style of writing is very feminine.
Connotation- Usually parallel lines are the exact same but these parallel lines are black and white so maybe its trying to say black and white people are the same.

TutuMiles Davis-TUTU
Denotation-I see a close up of a black skinned male with a pitch black background. There is no writing but from the colour way it looks very masculine.
Connotation- It could be trying to portray that it is just him and you should take him for who he is.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Waterloo Road Case Study

Waterloo Road Case Study

1) This is the Waterloo Road logo, I think that they designed the logo like this because it appeals to school kids who sit around lots of school tables all day. Most viewers are probably school children so it will be appropriate for them. Also teachers may watch this and desks is watch they look at from 8:30 until 3:10 so it could appeal to them.

2) The producers use a different range of characters to appeal to many people. Most of the people they appeal too are school children that are about 12 to 17. Most are secondary school boys and girls and possibly teachers might watch it too. Some young children could watch it such as year 6 or 5 students. Also parents may possibly watch it to ensure their children that they shouldn't do what some of the students do.

3) The program is broadcasted at 8:00 pm every Thursday night, the reason for it being at 8:00 pm is that some of the story lines are a bit mature for young children so they should be in bed by the time its started. At 8:00pm secondary school boys and girls will have finished their homework and be relaxing so its a perfect time for it to be on. The reason i believe it to be on a Thursday night is due to the fact that maybe its a thursday evening and there is  one more day at school until the weekend.

Friday, 30 August 2013

My weekend

Today i woke up to an annoying alarm ringing in my ear. I then had a nice, lovely scorching hot shower then got out and played Black Ops 2 until i had 2 minutes to run and get the bus. But at least I killed loads of spawn killers on Black Ops.  Some annoying little year 7s kept screaming on the bus and I was tempted to throw them off so i could have a nice peaceful journey, but no they wouldnt stop screaming rrr. Eventually I got off at McDonalds, again i had a temptation but this time it was to get a Big Mac. Sadly I remembered they only have the breakfast menu at 8:10 am so my temptation was postponed until after school when they would have the normal menu :) . I arrived at school and was prepared for a boring day ahead of me but 5th period rolled on and i had an amazing lesson... Media Studies!!! But after 5o minutes i had to head to Mr Ingyangs room for maths, noooo!. The evening rolled on and i just sat in my room and went on my laptop and played FIFA 13 and Black Ops 2. I watched some odd programmes on TV which were a little creepy but i turned it off when i heard my front door ring. The pizza man was here! My pizza was about to be demolished. After that i headed back to my room to play more FIFA but after about 3 consecutive hours of playing i dozed off at roughly 12 something.


Saturday morning rolled on and i woke up at around 11, what a lovely lay in i had! Today i was going to see Charlton v Leicester as ive got a season ticket! What a game, Charton havent won a game this season and when they scored their first goal by Michael Morrison the crowd went mad. Charlton held on until half time with a one nil lead. The second half started and Leicester's Matt James got sent off for 2 yellow cards. 9 minutes later Charlton grabbed their second from a powerful header by Yann Kermorgant. 3 minutes after that Leicester got one back but Charlton held on well until the 96th minute when the referee blew the final whistle. On our way back we grabbed some fish and chips which was well needed. When i got home i was attached to my Xbox until our chinese had arrived, wow it was delicious! I went back to my Xbox and played more FIFA. Match of the Day was on at 10:20 so i had to stop FIFA and watch the best programme ever! After Match of the day, The Football League Show was on, i waited until Charltons highlights were on and then i fell into a deep sleep.
 Sunday i woke up around 9 with a really sore throat so i went back to sleep, I then got up at  12ish to my dog sitting on my back. I could smell a yummy, delicious breakfast cooking-it was making my nose tingle- so i got out of bed and had a nice warm shower. I went downstairs and a full english was waiting for me on the table, mmm. Today was a relax day so all i really did was sit in bed and play FIFA, Black Ops 2 and go on my laptop. At 4 pm i decided to stick a movie on, one of my all time favourites; Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle. That has to be one of the greatest, funniest movies ever! After that i dug into a lovely roast dinner and then went upstairs and packed my school bag ready for a new week to start.