Sunday, 24 November 2013

How women are represeneted in music videos.
Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day'n'Nite
In this video we can see the perspective of Kid Cudi working behind the till. His interpritation of all the women are very different to what they actually are. As a police offficer walks in he stops acting stupid but when he realises its a women he sees different. He imagines her with a lycra bra on dancing instead of in a fll police uniform. Also the normal cleaners or workers start of in their white outfits but he see's them as their buttons all un done and with their bras showing and extreme cleavage. Later in the video 2 women walk into the shop wearing dresses. He inteprits them as just wearing bras and knickers instead of a dress.From all of this we can see that he see's women in a different way to what they actually are. He see's them as wearing nothing and he is imaging what is beeing shown on the internet and elsewhere. By images ofwomen in this way being shown many men will imagine women in thi way.
Nicki Minaj - Stupid hoe
In this video the women are very sexually premiscuous. We see Nicki wearing high heels which show and short dresses. Many men like to see girls in these outfits so they are playing into their hands by wearing these outfits. Also we see Nicki dresses as a jaguar and the camera starts as a jaguar and then it fades into close up of nicki wearing a jaguar outfit. From this we can discover that women might be seen as animals to play with. Also while all of this is happening she is inside a big cage, this could mean many things. It could mean that she is inside a house and thats where women should stay and just cook and do house chores while men go out. Or it could mean that she is in a mans hand, this means that he can just go and get her when he wants. When he wants to do stuff with her he can just go and let her out and 'play with her.