Thursday, 12 June 2014

Past Paper

Past Paper

1)Explain two ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines. Use examples from the extract.
First of all this magazine fits the genre of lifestyle magazines because it uses a conventional mix of content. This mixture of content is all included on the front cover on the magazine in cover lines. Some are linked to fashion "easy elegant summer dressing", "loose, sexy hair" which advise or inform the reader of what could be the new style in the upcoming month or season. There's also content to do with summer "summer's here" is the quit obvious one which could include about fashion for summer or simple ideas for the hot weather "simple recipes and outdoor entertaining ideas". As well this magazine includes content on marriage " the marriage crime you don't even know you're doing", this could be advising wives of the misdoings that they are partaking in.
Another way this fits the genre of lifestyle magazines is because it uses a direct mode of address in various ways. This is used to make the magazine seem more informal and friendly with the reader. First of all on the main image direct address is used as Kylie Minogue has her eyes looking towards you(the reader). Also many personal pronouns such as "you", "your" these all make the reader feel more of a connection with the magazine.

2)Explain how each of the following is used in the extract to create effect:

  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Language   
  • Use examples from the extract.
I think that the cover of this magazine is asymetrical because there is a rough balance of cover lines on each side of the magazines cover. Also there is one darker item that is balanced my several lighter coloured cover lines. The magazine cover has a variety of different typography, serif and sans serif are both used. This variety of sans serif and serif shows that the magazine is sophisticated and elegant but at the same time shows its youth and modernerity. This makes the magazine more informal as it isnt all sophisticsted and elegant, therefore the sans serif font creates a good balance with serif font. The colours used on the front of this magazine are mainly pink and black. Pink is usually associated with female, this shows that straight away the magazine is aimed at females with large, bold, pink writing as the masthead. The colour black has many negative conotations but at the same time it can express confidence, this can show confidence in the opinions of what could be said in the magazine. This cover uses a few imperitives such as "what your friends really think of you" and "skin you'll be raring to bare". These are used to give orders to the audience, it  makes the sentence more alert as though it's aimed towards you.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Homework - Magazine practice questions

1a) First of all you have used a variety of direct address, such as the use of personal pronouns like "your". This makes the reader/audience feel in touch with the magazine and as though the magazine is aimed towards them. This is used to grab the readers attention, therefore they are more likely to buy the magazin as they will want to know more about what they can do with the information provided in the article. Also on the front cover a celebrity has been used for the main image. This gives the audience that could be interested in this celebrity more purpose into why they would buy it. As well it may give the audience a idea of what the magazine is about. Using a celebrity is aspirational as they could be readers idol therefore they would want to read it.

2) I think this cover is symetrical because it has a clear layout. Down the bottom is states the genres involved in the magazine and on the right has a few cover lines. On the left it has its main cover line and above that has its title. This makes it clear for the audience to see what will be inside the magazine rather than it being muddled around in no order.

There is a variety of sans serif and serif font used. Such as the name of the magazine is serif font whereas the genres down the bottom are sans serif. I think they have used a mixture of sans serif and serif to balance. To balance that the magazine is elegant but also formal.

First of all in bold serif and sans serif font an imperitive is used, "your party dress code". This command is telling you what you must wear and informs you of what the latest fashion would be at the party. Also a variety of alliteration is used such as "points, prison" and "gift guide".

3) As one of the cover lines it advises you to wear "sexy low-key" dresses. To some this could be pressure to act and dress more sexualy promiscuous. Many women are criticized for wearing dresses like this therefore the magazine could be giving of a bad message by adding this as a cover line.  

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Back Cover Analysis

This has all the conventions of a back album cover including track names, number of tracks and running order of tracks. Also it uses a mixture of shades of the colour green.
The spine of the cover has the artists name and the name of the album, this also has 2 other shades of green.
The main image on the back is of his stage name in green smoke, this could be promoting the use of marijuana as Wiz Khalifa is well known for his marijuanna use.
The typography is block capitals and shows his manly hood, also it shows his bold nature.

Reggae Mood Board

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Magazine Cover

www: I have improved my photoshop skills.
www: Its a better way to understand the conventions of a magazine cover
www: Simpler way to remember the conventions and why they're used on covers.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Conventions of a magazine cover:
Direct Address- the main image attracts the audience as it is very sexual, this intrigues the reader to see more inside. The target market is men and publishing a picture the 'hottest girl on tv' will definitely attract men.
 "ohhhh my God!" is very chatty and informal, this relates to the reader as the magazine isn't too formal, By making it chatty it...
Advice/tips- "How to work smarter", "mans guide to love (&sex)".
Why?- these target the audience as if a man is looking for love, maybe even sex he will be intrigued by the cover line. Also if someone was looking to be higher in their job or get a pay-rise then "how to work smarter" will be interested.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Cover Lines


1) Find out your perfect 1D boyfriend.

2) Get in shape for summer.

3) Quick and easy way to get the 'perfect' body.

4) Get your summer body.

5) How to get a boyfriend like Bieber. 

6) Get your body to look like Kim Kardashian. 

7) How to get a body all the boys want.

8) Work your way to a summer body. 

9) Get your summer body in 2 months.

10) Quick ways to get rid of your xmas pounds. 

1) Summer Body

2) Fitness

3) Ladies world

3) Woman's world

4) Temple

5) Wonderland

6) Trend

7) Fashion, Fitness, Food

8) Secrets

9) Dietholic

10) FashMag

Monday, 13 January 2014


Little White Lies
If you split this image in half it would nearly be exactly symmetrical. Therefore this magazine cover is symmetrical. Also Little White Lies follows the same pattern throughout their covers. Each cover they have symmetrical images, this is their house style.




Friday, 10 January 2014

Typography 2


   2) I can see 16 different sized fonts on this cover.

   3) There are 3 different coloured fonts on this magazines front     page: black, white and bright pink. 

  4) i can spot 7 different cover lines e.g. how to eat, pay, rent, buy shoes and save 4400 a month.

  5) The font used for the title is sans serif as it has no fancy flicks on the letters. It is very bold so it stands out when on a shop shelf. 

 6) I think it links to the audience because firstly its in bright pink which is a feminine.

 7) ' Real women sizes 6-16 NAKED No retouching, just brave readers, nude and honest.' I think this is the main cover-line because it sits at the top of the left third therefore this is what someone will see when they look at the cover.

 8) Different colours like pink are used because it firstly catches the readers eye and that makes them read what is in this colour. 

 9) Different fonts are used to not bore the reader and make contents of the cover seem more attractive. Like the main cover line, this is bolder than other ones.

10) I would change some if the coverlines that are white to darker or brighter colours so they stand out more. White font you can barely see therefore it makes it harder for someone viewing the front to work out what the magazine is about.