Friday, 30 August 2013

My weekend

Today i woke up to an annoying alarm ringing in my ear. I then had a nice, lovely scorching hot shower then got out and played Black Ops 2 until i had 2 minutes to run and get the bus. But at least I killed loads of spawn killers on Black Ops.  Some annoying little year 7s kept screaming on the bus and I was tempted to throw them off so i could have a nice peaceful journey, but no they wouldnt stop screaming rrr. Eventually I got off at McDonalds, again i had a temptation but this time it was to get a Big Mac. Sadly I remembered they only have the breakfast menu at 8:10 am so my temptation was postponed until after school when they would have the normal menu :) . I arrived at school and was prepared for a boring day ahead of me but 5th period rolled on and i had an amazing lesson... Media Studies!!! But after 5o minutes i had to head to Mr Ingyangs room for maths, noooo!. The evening rolled on and i just sat in my room and went on my laptop and played FIFA 13 and Black Ops 2. I watched some odd programmes on TV which were a little creepy but i turned it off when i heard my front door ring. The pizza man was here! My pizza was about to be demolished. After that i headed back to my room to play more FIFA but after about 3 consecutive hours of playing i dozed off at roughly 12 something.


Saturday morning rolled on and i woke up at around 11, what a lovely lay in i had! Today i was going to see Charlton v Leicester as ive got a season ticket! What a game, Charton havent won a game this season and when they scored their first goal by Michael Morrison the crowd went mad. Charlton held on until half time with a one nil lead. The second half started and Leicester's Matt James got sent off for 2 yellow cards. 9 minutes later Charlton grabbed their second from a powerful header by Yann Kermorgant. 3 minutes after that Leicester got one back but Charlton held on well until the 96th minute when the referee blew the final whistle. On our way back we grabbed some fish and chips which was well needed. When i got home i was attached to my Xbox until our chinese had arrived, wow it was delicious! I went back to my Xbox and played more FIFA. Match of the Day was on at 10:20 so i had to stop FIFA and watch the best programme ever! After Match of the day, The Football League Show was on, i waited until Charltons highlights were on and then i fell into a deep sleep.
 Sunday i woke up around 9 with a really sore throat so i went back to sleep, I then got up at  12ish to my dog sitting on my back. I could smell a yummy, delicious breakfast cooking-it was making my nose tingle- so i got out of bed and had a nice warm shower. I went downstairs and a full english was waiting for me on the table, mmm. Today was a relax day so all i really did was sit in bed and play FIFA, Black Ops 2 and go on my laptop. At 4 pm i decided to stick a movie on, one of my all time favourites; Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle. That has to be one of the greatest, funniest movies ever! After that i dug into a lovely roast dinner and then went upstairs and packed my school bag ready for a new week to start.